Custom-made mirrors

Our mirrors add the finishing touch. Your mirror can be manufactured to meet your own individual requirements.

Accessories for our mirrors


LED lighting with the RGB option allows the lighting to be altered. It can be controlled using the remote-control unit provided. You can choose between 19 colours, 19 dynamic modes and five levels of brightness.

LED Clock

The modern LED clock is installed on the surface of the mirror. The clock can be placed anywhere on the mirror. The five colours of the display can be selected to harmonise perfectly with the mirror lighting.


With 2x10W loudspeakers integrated in the mirror, you can now enjoy your favourite music in the bathroom, too.

Heating mat

The heating mat is used to keep the mirror dry and fog free.

Make-up mirror

The perfect solution for everyday grooming. The make-up mirror, with a magnification of three or five times, can also be illuminated with an LED strip. The make-up mirror is completely set into the main mirror, without protruding. This creates a homogenous and unobtrusive appearance.

Touch Switch

The built-in switch can be operated with just a gentle touch. The switch’s practical LED lighting makes it easy to operate even in the dark. In operation, the LED lights up blue and when not in operation it lights up green. After 30 minutes, the switch switches off automatically.

Power socket

The power socket built in at the side is useful for electric razors but also for other devices such as hair dryers or straighteners. You can also use it to charge your smartphone.

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